Niederdeutsche texte online dating

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Niederdeutsche texte online dating

Modern criticism, while rejecting this identification, is not unwilling to accept the main fact that an officer named Georgios, of high rank in the army, suffered martyrdom probably under Diocletian. It became the fashion for a prince to amuse himself with a mistress or more frequently with many mistresses simultaneously, and he was often content that the mistresses whom he favoured should be neither beautiful nor witty. Count Knigsmark—a handsome adventurer—seized the opportunity of paying court to the deserted wife.In the canon of Pope Gelasius (494) George is mentioned in a list of those “whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God,” a statement which implies that legends had already grown up around his name. Conjugal infidelity was held at Hanover to be a privilege of the male sex. Sophia Dorothea was divorced in 1694, and remained in seclusion till her death in 1726.4) contains a eulogy of agriculture and its beneficial ethical effects, and much information is to be found in the writings of Aristotle and his pupil Theophrastus.About the same time as Xenophon, the philosopher Democritus of Abdera wrote a treatise , frequently quoted and much used by the later compilers of Geoponica (agricultural treatises). Later, Cassius Dionysius of Utica translated and abridged the great work of the Carthaginian Mago, which was still further condensed by Diophanes of Nicaea in Bithynia for the use of King Deotarus.

When Diocletian had begun to manifest a pronounced hostility towards Christianity, George sought a personal interview with him, in which he made deliberate profession of his faith, and, earnestly remonstrating against the persecution which had begun, resigned his commission.

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or Scriptores rei rusticae, the Greek and Roman writers on husbandry and agriculture.

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In furtherance of this object, the great work of Mago was translated into Latin by order of the senate, and the elder Cato wrote his De agri cultura (extant in a very corrupt state), a simple record in homely language of the rules observed by the old Roman landed proprietors rather than a theoretical treatise.

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