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"There was no feeling at first, except relief that a foreign body was removed. Today, when asked about my age, I say one-and a-half years old," she says.

Save conceiving, Sohini's womanhood is now a reality. But when the editors called me to say that a Chennai-based businessman would like to solicit a matrimonial alliance with me, it was unbelievable.

"It was a function and I stood waiting for my group of friends before entering the hall alone. When modesty is outraged." Guess it was convenient to brush aside fears, and wait till time blamed its mistake.

reports, about 30 sex workers would be taking charge of the kitchen at the food pavilions that the State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) will set up at several Puja pandals across the city, as part of the government initiative."My favourites have been, Sridevi and Shabana Azmi. Hrithik has something I soft and yet is so manly that he towers as~ nature's perfect handiwork." , The resident of a middle-class locality, the change was surprisingly' well received. Her surgeries, though represented before the medical community, was conducted away from the media spotlight that is now focussing on her last case - conversion of male Hirak. The sex change operation has not only generated its share of social awareness but also thrown up.uncomfortable questions about legal, religious and ethical rights.subject, it was Cauldwell who coined the term "transsexualism". "When her menstrual cycle began the patient was confronted with a gender crisis. This dictate Was impossible to obey, since her psychology had developed as that of a boy," says Dr. She was surgically transformed into a boy and as Dr Rohatgi attests, "She and her family have been happy ever since." , Not all cases, however, are so readily accepted.In 1970 Money and Gaskin identified the disease which we today know as Gender Identity Syndrome. put the proportion of transsexualism in America as one in every. High in Dr Rohatgi's roster is the case of a boy whose patents ate divided over the issue of his gender incompatibility.

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An avid music buff and a die-hard fan of Lata Mangeshkar, the name Sohini was suggested by a friend. Later I learnt that Sohini also meant someone who has borne a lot," she explains the choice of name. "After my feature in Femina, my phone did not stop ringing. Ever since, we spoke on the phone till he came this month to meet me. And fate has its way parity of morphology and psychology, where the former must be altered in order to align with the latter.