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History online dating

The FA was formed there on 26 October 1863, a Monday evening.The captains, secretaries and other representatives of a dozen London and suburban clubs playing their own versions of football met “for the purpose of forming an Association with the object of establishing a definite code of rules for the regulation of the game”.It took place at Hamilton Crescent, the Partick home of the West of Scotland Cricket Club, on 30 November 1872.The admission fee, as it had been for the first Cup Final, was a shilling.Only 12 clubs actually played and there were just 13 matches in total but Wanderers beat Royal Engineers 1-0 before 2,000 spectators at Kennington Oval in a Final described by The Sporting Life as “a most pleasant contest”.A match between ‘England’ and ‘Scotland’ was another good idea from Alcock.Apparently, many of them felt that competition would lead to unhealthy rivalry and even bitterness.The first Cup season turned out to be quite truncated with withdrawals and byes.

The laws originally drafted by Morley were finally approved at the sixth meeting, on 8 December, and there would be no hacking.There could be no authority without laws and six meetings took place in 44 days before the new Association could stand on its own feet. ‘Football’, they thought, would be a blend of handling and dribbling.Players would be able to handle the ball: a fair catch accompanied by ‘a mark with the heel’ would win a free kick.The rules of the new competition were subsequently drafted and the entries of these 15 clubs were accepted: Barnes, Civil Service, Crystal Palace, Clapham Rovers, Hitchin, Maidenhead, Marlow, Queen’s Park (Glasgow), Donington Grammar School (Spalding), Hampstead Heathens, Harrow Chequers, Reigate Priory, Royal Engineers, Upton Park and Wanderers.It was a disappointing entry, because The FA had 50 member clubs by that time.

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‘England’ won this unofficial international 1-0 and all the players, English and Scottish, lived in London.