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Michael and Amy Smalley use humor, personal, stories, and straight talk to challenge teens to a dating life filled with Godly principles like honor and purity.They use their insights into the way Christian teens think to provide advice that teens can relate to and use in their everyday dating lives.While many godly people have married early -- like his parents, for example -- that doesn't necessarily mean that dating early is a good idea, he said."Whether you see dating at age 15, 16, or 17 as wise will depend partly on your view of sexual relations, partly on your view of the meaning of dating, and partly on your view of the relative maturity of teenagers," Piper explained.

He takes a look at the extreme views on dating and finds a healthy balance in the middle.

Sometimes it helps to write things down or have a safe place to deal with the complex world of dating - a place with no judgement.

It’s easy for teens to get caught up in the world of dating, it really is a big deal in any teenager's world.

He asks teens to be thoughtful and pray about dating so that they can remain God-centered.

Christian teens are faced with conflicting advice from parents, friends, pastors, Bible experts, and more.

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Theologian John Piper says it's probably unwise, as most teenagers should wait to date until they're spiritually mature and ready to move toward marriage.

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