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Victim was Edwards 14 yr old daughter(Dawn) who was found dead in her Hackham West home in August 2009.

"The charges are laid on the basis of a series of omissions in respect of the obtaining of medical attention." She asked the court for time to speak with the couple's other children.

However, authorities moved to rescind his supervision order when it became clear he had on six occasions had contact with three boys aged five, eight and 13 who were the friends of a woman he knew.

Pleaded guilty to one aggravated count of possess child pornography and one count of obtaining child pornography.

Since the Eades release under the supervision order, he had been convicted of two breaches, with the first that he not knowingly associated or have contact with someone convicted of a sexual offence.

He also pleaded guilty to the second offence of not truthfully responding to inquiries made by a Corrective Services officer about his activities.

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