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He'll resent you for not accepting this integral part of his sexuality, and you'll grow more and more disturbed by him for having such a kinky enthusiasm in the first place.

Your sexual incompatibilities will eventually drive you apart.

If your man is a foot-lover, it's a safe bet that he prefers your feet clean and maintained.

One of the nicest things you can do for him is making sure your tootsies are soft and smooth when you show up to meet him.

I'm not or do I pretend to be an anthropologist, but, like largest breasts and nice legs, and many other feminine attributes, men are attracted to women who would make the best breeders, thus good feet for traveling, and on and on with the various body parts now that all the ladies are on the bandwagon for some male bashing, arn't you attracted to men with strong shoulders, muscular butt and an apropritate package for delivering the goods.for the rest..

Guess it is just one of those many mysteries of good sex.

I have lots of curious questions you might or might not want to answer publicly. Is it as important to you as the rest of your lover, or more important, or so important that you lover could be any age/size, whatever as long as the feet were HOT to you? I take care of my feet, but sometimes, in hot weather, it just takes a day or two of neglect for them to get nasty. Cork sandals make my feet stinky all the way up my to my nose. I guess my best experience is either when the guy is being playful or it's just a part of the lusty experience of all of me, like when I'm feeling like I won't be satisfied until we've explored every inch of each other in that crazed possessive way- it's a rare night to need that much, but it happens, so if he's *needing* my feet that badly too and that moment I need all of him, then, I'm into it just as much as he is.

If you're looking for a spontaneous session of lovemaking, put your freshly painted toes in his face and ask him if he likes that color of polish.At this point, you must be thinking, However, he likely would.This isn't something that you take a class to learn or that you have to bring into every routine, but a few minutes of caresses on a special occasion will make him feel loved, understood, and, of course, turned on.He examines your pedicure or questions your shoe size. In my experience, women's reactions to having their feet fondled are more negative than positive.For guys like me, sucking toes and licking feet isn't just sexy, it's around par with intercourse on the intimacy scale, so if his mouth comes into contact with your feet with any regularity, or if he often grabs for your feet as he's preparing to start (or finish) the act, it's a safe assumption that he has a thing for feet. A few have straight-out told me, well before my hands got below their knees, that they don't like their feet and they don't like having them touched (one even stated it the first time she took her shoes off in front of me).


Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Is it the shoes or hose or socks that add to the sexiness? Is it a part of the sex act, like do you need to be involved in the intercourse (say a fairly normal position) and have the feet also involved, or is just the touching/mouthing of the feet enough intercourse for you? we go dancing to a club regularly and know just about everyone there and are close friends with most ....i have a friend a woman there who I dance and flirt with we push the flirting to the limit but its all in fun both of our so's know it and they flirt with each other also ..know who we are going home with so its not a problem .woman while slow dancing with me will pull my hands up and lick and suck my fingers ..i have nearly cummed on the dance floor ...

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