Drupal 7 updating image styles

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Drupal 7 updating image styles

This can be a time consuming process and slow down the visitor experience.There are some home-built scripts and modules out there that will do this for you if you search around the Drupal site for hours, however, there is a much simpler solution:- Step 1.'/includes/bootstrap.inc'; // drupal_bootstrap(DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULL); and running it in drush worked: drush @mysite scr Here's another way to run the code in #4: a) Download the attached module. c) Enable the module (it's called Imagecache Migrate). Change the number on the update function from migrate_styles_update_7000 to migrate_styles_update_7001. The problem is that when you first enable a module, Drupal figures out that you are already updated to the number of the latest update function that is there.So that is why step d is necessary, to convince Drupal this is a new update function that you need to run. Solution #4 nearly works for me but it doesn't take into account that in D6 if you had a scale action when you only wanted to scale one dimension you would do something like width:250 height: 100% However in D7 you simply leave height blank, this direct import causes the image style to do the wrong thing, it effectively treats 100% as 100px, and its only when you try to edit it that the problem becomes apparent. I simply created a "migrate.php" file, copied the code and it successfully imported the info. I haven't figured out a way to preserve the views images yet though... It can be run before or after the image field migration process.

is this an intro image, or is it the gallery of images? In Drupal 8 there will be a time that you can easily do this with some modules but for now hardly any of them are D8-ready so I am very gratefull for this idea and I'm thinking 'Now, why didn't I come up with this?

I believe it has happened after recently my webhost did some maintenance ; but also - I was lazy with updating last 2 weeks; but earlier it was working.....

so - when I upload an image in Article Edit - no images appears.

This module provides a suite of additional image effects that can be added to image styles.

The image styles admin submodule also adds the 'duplicate', 'export' and 'import' actions to image styles administration. We also aim to integrate with other contrib effects providers to enlarge our base of maintainers and create a 1-stop experience for users. In Drupal 7, basic image handling is part of core, so there is no dependency on Image Cache anymore, you just need to enable the image module.

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Looks like this would be the mission (and only motivation) for an imagecache D7, just like CCK D7 exists only for content_migrate.

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