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Arrangementets varighed er 5 timer, herefter betales 1000,- pr.

påbegyndt time.(I prisen er inkluderet eget selskabslokale) Download festarrangement her Januar, februar, marts menu klik her april, maj, juni menu klik her juli, august, september menu klik her oktober, november, december menu klik her eller buffet Download festbuffet her Festarrangement inkl.

Each of the typologies are treated based on their individual character.

Skovkvarteret, the Woods, have a strong landscape identity that is emphasized by green elements handling the excess water, while Allékvarteret, the Avenues, characterized by a more orthogonal street structure, deals with the surface water in both urban canals and by underlining the green features.

The landscape design uses the increasing rain volumes as an urban potential by placing several of the offered activities in the Activity Forest on seven individual 'bridges' – a trampoline-bridge, a running-bridge and more.

Each of the bridges bring people closer to the changing landscape by allowing them to interact on different levels.

I was able to enjoy my stay and have very good night rest.

Individual area identities supports the sustainable solutions creating a unifying framework that identifies Middelfart as ‘the Climate City’.Finally Bykvarteret, the City, an urban area characterized by hard paving, is designed with permeable surfaces and nuanced street sections.Part of the project is ‘the Activity Forest’, a landscape park offering a wide range of physical activities.Middelfart is a beautifully located coastal village with a profound presence of water: valued, embraced and ever changing.At the same time, the omnipresent water is a huge challenge caused by increased volume of rain and lack of up-to date drainage.

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The proposal emphasizes the correlation between green urban spaces, city planning and climate adaption - and how those elements can use the increasing rain volume as a potential in sustainable urban development.

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