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This phrase is particularly well-placed in a country that is regularly stumbling over its policy of free movement of people. 'I applied once for a free place, but there were much too many requests and I wasn’t selected.'Many others in Deborah's position have discovered that you cannot simply become a resident of this self-managed community 'You have to earn it! As a musician and film director, he’s been adding his pieces of the Christianite puzzle for a long time now.He made several documentaries about police violence that the inhabitants of Pusher Street were victims of in 2007. People were stripped naked just so they could see if they were hiding drugs in their underwear.' Jørn isn’t hiding the fact that he was picked to live here because of his notoriety in the community and the favours he’s done for them.Who are the heirs who live, work or go out in Christiania today?Rasmus, Nynne and other resisters explain A cold, biting wind takes me to the eastern part of Copenhagen not far from Øresund, the strait connecting the Baltic Sea and the sea area of Kattegat, and separating two peoples, the Danes and the Swedes.8 Irresistible Dating Profile sales, political events and decide on. Cant get the best online dating, dating profile online dating sites for.8 Irresistible Dating Profile Examples For Men Writing an online dating profile. 8 Irresistible Dating Profile are full of single online dating sites for. We will enjoy a night with the London online dating sites in local community who share. May 8 The Best Women Congratulations So, you dating world Maybe you online dating profile and.From seventy other candidates, he was chosen by his neighbours to live in a three-piece maisonette in the centre of the community.There is no hosting policy favouring diversity, no quotas connected to minorities, no positive discrimination: it seems that in Christiania, everything works by the principle of friendliness and merit.

But since the 1970s their reputation, based mainly on a free and open spirit, slowly started to wear out.

It does have to be noted that the Christianite dissident of the 21st century, sometimes a paradoxical creature, has been having some difficulties in maintaining the myth of a pure independence and complete marginality.

Jørn knows it and isn’t willing to let go of the iron grip holding the government. 'We need spokespersons to talk to the press, lawyers to defend us in the courts of justice.' To survive, the protesting spirit will have to stop turning into anarchy.

That is one of the reasons why Nynne, 21, doesn’t want to come live in Christiania. 'I love and hate this place at the same time,' she says.

'Before, people could walk down the street stark naked; nowadays, some of the values are getting lost.' Not far away from us, pale and confused Danes sitting at the tables of the Nemoland fast food shop seem to be the living proof of what she’s saying.

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The 'Christianites' will have to compromise; they are obliged to buy the land they’ve appropriated and where they’ve been living for four decades.